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Hello, From Sierra Butler, Miss Rodeo Wyoming 2022

It is now my turn to take over and fill a huge pair of shoes Rachel has left me with, but I could not ask for a better mentor to help guide me through my year. My first event I was able to attend was Evanston Cowboy Days. From that day I knew I was in for an adventure of a lifetime and I could not be more excited.

I was able to meet the other beautiful ladies in Vegas that I will be traveling with next year. One thing I know I will take away this year is making friends that will last me a lifetime! Having the opportunity to watch Rachel compete at Miss Rodeo America, I was able to gain tons of insight and knowledge as I will be competing for Miss Rodeo America in December.

This year will not only help me be more successful in the pageant but also in life. Not only am I excited to represent this great state and the sport of rodeo, but I am so excited to embark on this journey and I hope you will all follow along on my travels.

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