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From The Wrangler Horse and Rodeo News: January 5, 2022

"Miss Rodeo America Pageant by 2021 MRW Rachel Derner" written by Rachel Derner (MRW 2020/2021)

It's hard to put into words an experience that had such a monumental impact on my life. Eight days together with some of my favorite humans, early mornings, late nights, feeling the stress and pressure, the frustration. I'm beyond thankful for the way that the Miss Rodeo America Pageant impacted me. I came into the pageant in a place of peace. I was very satisfied with the work that I had done to prepare and with the two years of service I had given to the sport of rodeo as Miss Rodeo Wyoming. I knew in my heart that is was a God thing, meaning no matter what I did, he would place me in the role he had for me, after all, that's how my queening journey had progressed this far. I never felt the nerves of the anxiety to compete because of the faith that it was all in HIs hands.

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