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From The Wrangler Horse and Rodeo News: December 6, 2021

"Oh the Places You'll Go" written by Hannah Ostheimer (MRW 20219)

Miss Rodeo Wyoming has a legacy of transiting young cowgirls into future roles filled with amazing opportunities. From the outside looking in an observer sees the sparketing crown and the glamorous piece of being Miss Rodeo Wyoming, but often doesn't get a look inside the tougher aspects that lead these young women into their future lives. The lessons learned from the year of Miss Rodeo Wyoming can help change a young ladies future. In the rodeo queen worlds, we jokingly refer to ourselves as a "has been" after the crown comes off. Taking off that crowns is a bittersweet feeling. You are excited to see the lives it will change in the future, you are excited to have some free time for yourself, bu you will miss the memories you made underneath that crown. But then what happens?

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