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Compiled by Laurie Thoman, Miss Rodeo Wyoming, 1994

A legacy of cherished memories, hopes and dreams all began in Casper, Wyoming in 1955.  The first Miss Rodeo Wyoming pageant was held during the Casper Nite Fair and Rodeo.  That initial contest consisted of fourteen entries.  According to Marilyn Scott Freimark, (who took home the title of Miss Rodeo Wyoming that first year), competition was keen and the rodeo contractor furnished each contestant with a horse.  New horses were drawn each round.  At the crowning ceremony, movie actor, Rex Allen, presented Marilyn Scott with the crown.  Laurie Ann Hayes from Thermopolis was the runner-up.

Following the Miss Rodeo Wyoming pageant was the first ever Miss Rodeo America of the Rockies contest.  It was also held in Casper, Wyoming.  Soon after the competition, the title was shortened to "Miss Rodeo America," as it is known today.  The Rodeo Cowboys Association (RCA) voted to establish the contest as an annual event.  During the first year of the Miss Rodeo America pageant a set of fifteen judges were selected, five in each division, from all over the United States and even France.  Silent judges were dispersed throughout the audience.

The 1955 MRA pageant had nine contestants representing eight states of the Rocky Mountain Region and Canada.  Marilyn Scott, Miss Rodeo Wyoming, was selected as Miss Rodeo America to hold the title for the remainder of 1955 and the year 1956.  She represented Wyoming in the Miss Universe contest where she was offered a contract with Paramount Pictures and a TV series contact starring Casey Tibbs and Marilyn as the King and Queen of Rodeo.  Although she declined the part, feeling school was the place for her, she sated that she always wonders about the road not taken. 

Since the beginning of the Miss Rodeo Wyoming pageant and the Miss Rodeo America pageant in 1955, Wyoming is proud to say that we have had four young ladies bring home the title of Miss Rodeo America: Marilyn Scott Freimark, 1955; Sandy Meyer Brazile, 1984; Stacey Talbott Sinclair, 1992; and Michelle Green, 1994.  Both pageants have continued to grow and develop from their solid beginning.  Each year a new young lady is selected to help promote and preserve our western way of life and America's number one sport - Rodeo.

The Douglas Sorority, a women's service organization, had a major role in organizing the Miss Rodeo Wyoming pageant for many years.   Members provided chaperones, meals, housing and transportation for the contestants.  Paper work, publicity and planning for the pageant was also handled by the Sorority to benefit the community through their scholarships and other civic projects.  The Douglas Sorority turned the pageant production over to the MRWA in 2008.

It was not until 1977 that the Miss Rodeo Wyoming Association was formed.  Some original members include Dedee Merritt and Arlene Kensinger.  Arlene is a past president of the Miss Rodeo America Association.  Wyoming has continued to have on of the best associations in the United States.  Our organization helps delegate funds that the queen raises at her coronation each year, a scheduling coordinator sets up appearances and many major sponsors help make dreams come true. 

Several prizes and awards have been given over the years.  Lou Taubert's Ranch Outfitters donated trophies that varied in height from one to five feet tall.  Crowns ranged from leather to jade, all of which winners kept as a memento.  Today's winners will receive a $1500 scholarship, a trophy buckle and saddle, a silver platter, chaps, serape, a commemorative bracelet and numerous other items.  Awards are also given to first and second runner-ups, horsemanship, personality, appearance, speech and photogenic winners.  Pageant contestants choose Miss Congeniality and a Scrapbook winner. 

The individual beauty of the Wyoming Jade Crown stands out in any crowd and is very recognizable.  The Miss Rodeo Wyoming crown holds a history all its own with the special memories of the young girls who grew into beautiful ladies in just one year under its spell.  It has warmed the hearts and touched the souls of many.  It has been a guiding star on the darkest nights to those who have needed hope and inspiration.  The crown hold such precious prestige and honor to each Miss Rodeo Wyoming who has had the honor to place the crown on her hat.

Past Miss Rodeo Wyomings

* Selected as Miss Rodeo America
** Selected as top 5 at Miss Rodeo America
*** Selected as top 10 at Miss Rodeo America

Past Miss Rodeo Wyomings at the 2013 pageant.

BACK ROW: Kerin Castle Clark 1997, Laurie Thoman-1994, Sandra Utter Levering 1990, Jamie Moore Flitner 1985, Lael Wilhelm Good 1971, Wendy Courchaine Long 1969, Linda Kilgore Nunn 1967, Linda Lamb Kraft 1966, Jane Ann Johnston 1965, Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns 1963, Bonnie Rankin Terrell 1961, Mary Kay Walker 1956
FRONT ROW: Kimberly Kuhn 2012, Brittany Richards 2011, Stacy Jo Johnson Berger 2008, Crystal Rivers Myers-2007



2016 Miss Rodeo Wyoming Pageant Entry Packet

For the convenience of Miss Rodeo Wyoming contestants we have a portion of the entry packet available for download below. 
PLEASE NOTE: This is not the complete application packet. 
If you are planning to compete for Miss Rodeo Wyoming, please contact Crystal Myers at
or 307-851-5811 for a complete application packet to be mailed to you. 
Not included below are three contestant releases, contestant letter, sample MRW contract, complete rulebook and other information.

RULEBOOK - Partial

APPLICATION - can type on document and print a hard copy to turn in, please do not alter format, and limit to two pages.

AP INFO AND AUCTION INFO - including deadline, entry fee, auction information

AD PRICE SHEET FOR MRW PROGRAM  - feel free to make additional copies for selling ads





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